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The silliest thing you can do when auctioning stuff is to feel sorry for the auctioneers you don’t buy from, especially if their stuff has been on the market for a while. i.e. the same kind of feeling you get after walking past a store that hasn’t sold a single thing while the store next to it is selling like hotcakes. Then you feel like auctioning it. Because it feels like everyone thinks the auctioneer has terrible taste and/or the doujinshika is bad at their stuff.

The reality is just : you’re not buying because you just spent your entire summer shopping limit on books you ACTUALLY want and have been looking for since 2010.

Still, the leftovers are stuff you’d actually like, and it feels bad to leave them there.


sad day
Kind of amazing how almost fifteen years' worth of love and adoration for a gaming company can dissipate so fast over a bad business decision for a game I wasn't even interested in.

I guess I hate region-locking that much. Also, Atlus, I knew that being bought by Index would one day do this to you.

Randomly checking shit online
Is it just me getting better, or is the new JLPT1 piss-easy compared to the old one? O_o

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You know that something strange is going on with your eyes/sleepiness when you read 生首 as 書生.

(Don't ask what I'm reading.)

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Tokimemo GS3 PSP Ver




Omigod. (And yes, it does come recommended if you're into this sort of thing.)

I was quite skeptical about turning the characters into animated 3D models until I've played it myself. I mean, looking at the trailers, it seemed to be a trip right into uncanny valleyland complete with uncanny valley rednecks---but you know what, once you've seen it in action, it isn't. Not at all. さすがLovePlus team!

No, if anything, it makes Konno 500% more moe and delectable and a hundred other mindless screaming fangirl mode adjectives. (If you ever needed to know what ET's Ideal Man is like, he is remarkably similar to Konno Tamao. Seriously. Most players like him less because his 'route' has no drama whatsoever but so what I have enough drama elsewhere I'll enjoy my slowlife iyashikei slice-of-life with adorable super-serious nerdy cute moe with nicest smile ever Konno-sempai. ET's Tokimemo GS3 game is basically 'Poke Konno and make him squirm and occasionally play other guys' game.) I just spent about five minutes staring at the screen and grinning like an idiot because IT IS SO CUTE I DON'T EVEN. I mean, everybody is cute, the guys are cute and your girlbros are super cute, but...KONNO.

Man. I sort of understand the guys now why they fell left, right and center for LovePlus and its 3D-ness. I'm super stoic with romance IRL and even tend to approach most renai games with far less niyoniyo but this sort of thing is too moe Konami knows EXACTLY WHERE TO STRIKE INTO YOUR COLD LIFELESS STONY HEART, god. (It also probably helps that Tokimemo isn't a game for the do'M girls wanting their dominant men to dominate and protect them and be all possessive like a lot of otome games out there. I mean. Skinship sessions and Approach Mode. Yeah. Cough. You can totally be as ijiwaru as you want or as good and innocent girl as you want, which means yes thank you Konami that was delicious, delicious stuff.)

The best part about Tokimemo, though, isn't about the mans. It's about reliving your shining memories of school days---this might not carry through to Americans the same way Persona 4 didn't feel nostalgic to them, either, but this is nostalgic to me. I think the American highschool experience is a LOT different, but our systems worked the same way as Japan back when I was a student. Me and my friends did a lot of things the people in Tokimemo did, and playing it, like when playing P4, makes it all come back again. And it's in a soothing, gentle iyashikei way that perfectly fits the pressures of modern life. Maybe that's why the art stays so old-schooled, too. A throwback to a time when not everything is about moe (even though the game is MOE CRYSTALLIZED, it's just not in your face about it) and the world is a slightly more innocent place.

I'm glad they ported this. It's much improved. Now port the other two, too, because I'd like them in handheld format in something with better resolution than a DS. That or make a LovePlus GS already.

............no, I'm not going as far as the guys marrying their LP girlfriends. This is just a game and my daily dose of stress relief/iyashi. I'm pretty sure the other non-extreme LP customers think that of their game, too. (And really, it's NOT about having or not having an RL boyfriend, although I think my flist would understand this.)

P.S. It's kind of funny. The Tokimemo team tried to do animation since Tokimemo3, but that one failed miserably. I guess cell shading tech wasn't there yet back then despite more powerful hardware, so it was Uncanny Valley all the way. Well. They've perfected the art. Congratulations.

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On Otome Games
I really think people misinterpret the call for 'strong women' in works of culture.

It's not that we want overpowered women cowing submissive men.

It's not that we want active, take-charge women leading wars while men stay in the kitchen.

We (subjective use of 'we') want---all we really want---is a man and woman who do awesome bad-ass things TOGETHER, instead of just the man doing awesome things for the woman, or the woman who do awesome things for the man.

A couple who do awesome things together.

(Note : when you look at the Japanese side of things, the few non-nakige renai games that stick in people's imaginations are ALL these---the boy is awesome, the girl is awesome. Yet it boggles why people tend to stick one side and not the other. The girl is awesome, the boy sucks, the boy is awesome, the girl sucks. Why can't we have both being awesome more often? Why can't we enrich one side without it being at the expense of the other? Why is it always divided into sides? Why isn't it all 'us'? Why can't all of us grow and be awesome together? This isn't a case of competition for finite resources, here, why must we still use that mentality?)

This is, in fact, a rant on otome games and its oftimes clumsy ideas of what we want when we ask for a better protagonist.

The idea that a faux action girl is more acceptable than the kiremono decisive girl in Japan's sliding scale of strong women doesn't help, of course. See also : non-ironic use of loanword 'bitch', which has taken a whole different meaning, 'meat-eating girls and grass-eating boys', etc.

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T-the Leaf DLC---!!

That's, that's Cuan and Sigurd I'm seeing, right!? My eyes are not deceiving me??


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They really want to sell 3DSes MORE, don't they

Specifically, I'm talking about the relationship status screens below.

I AM pretty sure the phrases they say about each other are randomised from a pool since some of them seems weird in regard to the situation, but it'd be so easy to just make them gender/relationship type-specific. And also, the old man's commentary shows that Intelligent Systems CLEARLY knows what we're thinking, and are basically going 'hey, y'know, you're FE fans. We know you like these things that we've been keeping JUST out of arm's reach for years. So, you know. Have at it. It's yours. Have fun."

Translation of selected screenshots:

The mutually yuri screenshot
----> = "I love her, but I can't tell her"
<---- = "I want to protect her even if it takes my life"
Old man : "Ah, female friendship certainly is...passionate."

The mutually gay screenshot
----> = ....omigod I can't translate this it's too embarrassing. Let's. Just say. Cheek-rubbing amounts to a very affectionate cuddle when you think something is ridiculously cute.
<---- = "I think he's my destiny."
Old man : "You're both guys, what are you thinking?"

The incest screenshot
----> = "I love you lots <3"
<---- = "I'll do anything for you"
Old man : "What a pair of truly scary siblings..."

Oh, and your relationship can totally suffer even after you're married, it seems.



It will be completely shit if this is what replaces support systems. I remember I've seen support convos in the trailers, but honestly I have no idea about the amount or quality of those. Fanservice like this can go a long way if it comes with a proper support system. Seriously. I will love them for that because it's at least a way to get your pairings acknowledged by a game even if you don't have a paired ending, and everyone should be happy about that. You get married and have kids (who grows old enough to join your party somehow) for god's sake. But. If it's kind of like an evolved version of Radiant Dawn, I will be sitting here with a permanent scowl on my face.

And no, Ninty, it's still not selling me a 3DS until some enterprising hacker removes that region lock. Because. On principle.

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THE PALE COCOON OST IS OUT WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS. (Well, I was barely online last year, but still.)

I love that anime. It's one of the few rare films that actually made me go 'oh god, oh god, wow, so THAT is it, this is incredibly----I don't even have WORDS'. This is possibly helped by the fact that I am a sappy tree-hugger.

Aoi Tamago in FLAC is the perfect thing to make you bawl your eyes out after watching a David Attenborough documentary. And now that they've printed the correct lyrics, it's even better than the crap guesswork everyone made when the thing first 'aired'.

Just the perfect thing.

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This just occurred to me
There was one instance on Ep.2 of Frozen Planet, in the Freeze Frame section, where the cameraman was filming the (criminal!) penguins and the sky is turning a peculiar shade of rainbow, with ominous, terrible 'crashing' noise in the background from the wind. It's one of those hurricane force blizzards that the penguins were shown trapped in, and could very much kill the cameramen in a flash.

"This is kind of what we're warned about by the guy who was here before," he said. "If you see sky like this, you should run for home.

"But of course we're going to stay and film it, 'cause we're the BBC."

The way he said it made it a bit of a cute moment, it was funny, and sort of makes you think 'man those guys in the political news department have it EASY'.

But I'm kind of wondering what happened to that whole section in the Discovery broadcast. Did they dub the British gentlemen over too or did they cut out the entire freeze frame section altogether? If the first, HOW COULD THEY, if the second, that's a shame, the freeze frame sections have some of the most heartwarming footage in the entire documentary. And since this is Frozen Planet we're talking about, that's really a lot of heartwarming.

P.S. Mr. Donlan is now officially the nicest person in Gunnerkrigg court. Finally, an adult person who doesn't tell Annie that she's Surma 2.0!

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